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Distance Runners Enjoy Peak Athletic Performance

Ultraman Photo Credits: Rick Kent

TriathlonPro Provides Triathlon Coaching for coaches athletes from around the world


Hi Erik,

It has been a year since I have joined the Triathlonpro family. During this time I have seen improvements in my athletic performance I never thought possible. From personal bests to qualifying times I feel that I am becoming a faster and smarter athlete. Dollar per dollar, professional coaching is the best investment an athlete can make. Thank-you for the tailor made training schedules, sound advice and encouragement on and off the race course!

Best Regards,

- Bernie.


Hi Erik - here are the first two race reviews and last week's training results. Also want to mention how much I'm enjoying your coaching. Although it's only been two weeks of training and two races, I've realized benefits already.

  • Increased confidence during and after training knowing that the discipline, volume and intensity of each session is where it should be. Previously I was never sure whether I was going too hard or not hard enough.
  • Increased confidence going in to a race knowing that the taper was appropriate for the previous few weeks of training and for the purpose of the race
  • Guidance on training-related supplements and injury prevention. I'm a big believer in taking care of the "little things" in order to maximize results - so these are important to me.

I've also found that there is increased accountability when following a training plan designed for oneself by your coach. Although I've always been consistent with my training, I've definitely (almost subconsciously) increased my commitment to the training.

The pre-race emails are also very much appreciated and timely as they increase confidence just at the point before the race weekend where I would typically start to doubt whether I had trained correctly and/or hard enough

- Stuart.