on winning Ultraman Florida in emphatic

style on 19th February 2017. 

Ultraman Photo Credits: Rick Kent

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Welcome to TriathlonPro

When it comes to achieving peak athletic human performance there are few coaches that have the background Erik Seedhouse has. His 30 years as an athlete, 5 years of racing at the professional level combined with an advanced education in the field of exercise physiology and sports science ensure his clients have the edge needed to compete at the highest level.

Who is TriathlonPro?
When you choose TriathlonPro, you will have access to one of the most knowledgeable coaches in Canada, an ex-professional triathlete and featured contributor to Lava Magazine, Inside Triathlon, 3/GO Magazine, and Tri-Net Magazine. You also have access to a coach you walks the walk and talks the talk; Erik regularly races in Olympic and Half Ironman races, usually placing on the podium. In Lavaman in April 2012 he placed 3rd in his age-group - his 10th consecutive podium. In 2014 he won his age group at the Ocala HITS Triathlon by 18 minutes and followed this up with a win at the St Anthony's triathlon for his 11th consecutive Olympic podium. Then, in 2016, he won the HITS Ocala Olympic race outright at the age of 51! In his earlier life as a professional athlete, Erik won at the very highest level, including 3 World Championships.

How TriathlonPro works
First, decide which program best fits your objectives and race goals. Next, contact Erik who, after discussing you requirements, will customize your training and develop and training and racing calendar. After that, you start the training, during which time Erik will analyze heart rate zones, tweak your training if required, and make sure you're on the right track for your competitions. Workouts will be delivered via the TraininPeaks dashboard and will be monitored on a regular basis. Finally, once you've logged the training and Erik has helped you reach peak performance, you race!

Working with TriathlonPro
TriathlonPro will help you plan for the year, season or a specific race. We will tailor you training schedules specific to your needs to ensure that you achieve the very best racing results.





This is the TriathlonPro race kit that has been worn by the TriathlonPro Racing Team since 2015 as modeled by Lynn. Thanks Lynn!