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Distance Runners Enjoy Peak Athletic Performance Athlete Performance Test Chart

Ultraman Photo Credits: Rick Kent

TriathlonPro Provides Triathlon Coaching for coaches athletes from around the world

Reach Your Peak Athletic Performance

Welcome to the TriathlonPro information page. We are one of the leading providers of sports performance test and assessment services. Here is a short list of our services.

Performance tests

Each performance assessment includes a body composition analysis. Because TriathlonPro believes in the value of repeat testing, follow-up tests are discounted but still include include a brief discussion of the test results and a training consultation. Coached athletes who are just looking for test reults without a training consultation are eligible for a supplemental discount on follow up tests.


VO2max and ventilatory threshold

$185 for the first test (includes personal mask). $125 for follow-up tests, or $100 without a training consultation.

The VO2max provides you with an accurate indication of overall fitness level and performance potential. VO2max results provide heart rates and power (cycling) or speed (running) values that correlate to your ventilatory threshold (a good estimate of lactate threshold).

Lactate threshold test

$185 for the first test. $125 for follow-up tests, or $100 without a training consultation.

Your blood lactate profile is the most important predictor of endurance performance potential in steady-state events. The lactate threshold test is the gold standard used by elite endurance athletes to determine optimal training intensities and is the most effective way to monitor training effectiveness.


Combined VO2max and Lactate threshold test

Combine these tests for $250

Metabolic Efficiency

$200 for the first test. $150 for follow-up tests, or $125 without a training consultation.

ThAn important assessment for the endurance athlete, whether you are an Ironman triathlete or century rider. This test combines oxygen consumption and lactate measurments to provide you with a valuable insight into your endurance capacity. The test determines metabolic efficiency (fat utilization) and fueling needs (carbohydrate replenishment). Also a great test for any endurance athlete in base building phase.